Monday, July 12, 2010

Classical Gas for Class

Woo! Over 300k subscribers! Thanks :) Subscribe - Follow me on twitter - Learned Classical Gas to get out of doing homework. **Mason Williams (he wrote the song) saw this, and said he dug it. Soo cool. "Classical Gas" is an instrumental musical piece composed and originally performed by Mason Williams. Originally released in 1968 on the album The Mason Williams Phonograph Record, it has been rerecorded and rereleased numerous times since by Williams. One later version served as the title track of a 1987 album by Williams and the orchestra Mannheim Steamroller. The title of the composition was originally "Classical Gasoline" but was changed to "Classical Gas" by the music copyist. On the original recording, Williams plays classical guitar and is accompanied by an orchestral backing. The orchestral arrangements for the composition were written by Mike Post, who was also its music producer. It was released in February 1968 on the album The Mason Williams Phonograph Record. In August 1968 it reached Number 2 on the American charts and went on to sell over a million copies; it also topped the Billboard Easy Listening survey.[1][citation needed] Williams re-recorded it as a solo guitar piece on his 1970 album Hand Made. In 1987, he recorded a version with the Mannheim Steamroller. Williams was the head writer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour at the time of the piece's release and premiered the composition on the show ...
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