Sunday, July 25, 2010

Random Dream Improvisation - Classical Piano Music

a little made up dream piece, which came into being one night after work. One of my many favourite parts of the opera writing process are the improvisational moments when a new scene or mood is approaching. During these moving moments it feels like dipping your toes into a giant pool of unconscious, just glimpsing at the power that is within us, within all living things. Music is a big part of life. Vibrations are everything we see and everything we hear; they resonate inside us. Sitting at the piano and playing with it, feeling the sound through your fingers and further into your body, is one of the most enriching sensations I have experienced. This piece is a feeling... an expression. One moment after work. visit my website +--++-++-------++-+ �+����+�+�+�+��+�-� �+�++���+�+������-� +-----------++----+ TO HEAR MORE MUSIC!
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