Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gymnopédie vs Take Five (Brubeck & Satie) Jazz\Classical Piano

This is a work in progress. I came up with the idea of mixing Gymnopédie & Take 5 whilst at my friend Johnny's house. I heard him playing 2 of his own compositions simultaneously on the piano, one on his left hand, one on his right. This inspired me to try playing 2 pieces at the same time and 'Gymnopédie vs Take 5' was what came out. You can hear my wonderful new Christmas album at www.joolsscott.co.uk or http There's piano, cello, guitar, double bass, trumpet, lots of singing, cheer and jollity. "Take Five" is a classic jazz piece first recorded by the Dave Brubeck Quartet and released on its 1959 album Time Out. However, it would not become a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 charts until 1961. Composed by Paul Desmond, the group's saxophonist, it became famous for its distinctive, catchy saxophone melody and use of quintuple time, from which its name is derived. It is also known for the solo by drummer Joe Morello. While Take Five was not the first jazz composition to use this meter, it was the first of United States mainstream significance, becoming a hit on the radio at a time when rock music was in fashion. The song has been recorded by scores of artists, from Swedish singer Monica Zetterlund in 1962 to Colorado jamband String Cheese Incident in 2000, to a dub version by King Tubby in 2002. Some versions have included lyrics, including a 1961 recording with lyrics written by Dave Brubeck and his wife Iola, that was sung by Carmen McRae. After Paul Desmond passed away in ...
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