Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vladimir Horowitz - Hexameron by Franz Liszt (1of 2)

Vladimir Horowitz - Hexameron by Franz Liszt (1 of 2) Introduction: Extremement lent (Liszt) Tema: Allegro marziale (transcribed by Liszt) Variation I: Ben marcato (Thalberg) Variation II: Moderato (Liszt) Variation III: di bravura (Pixis) - Ritornello (Liszt) Hexaméron, Morceau de concert, S.392, is a set of six variations for solo piano elaborately composed by Franz Liszt et al. in 1837. It consists of a statement of and variations on the theme "March of the Puritans" from Bellini's opera I Puritani, together with connecting interludes and a finale. A number of popular composers-performers of the day contributed to the piece, which was commissioned by Princess Belgiojoso: Franz Liszt, Frederic Chopin, Sigismond Thalberg, Henri Herz, Carl Czerny and Johann Peter Pixis. It is possible that the number of composers chosen was deliberate, as the title hexameron also bears the meaning of the six (hex-) days of creation, and there are six composers who contributed to the piece. Liszt ordered the pieces, composed the connecting matter, and is considered to have integrated the piece into an artistic unity. The Hexameron is divided into nine parts
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