Friday, May 28, 2010

Miley Cyrus - The Climb (Classical Piano Mix - by Trinity feat. Pianist Cherie)

It took me about 8 months to produced this classical piano version. I had the idea to re-arrange the song since July, finding the pianist that believe my idea, and fit my limited time on recording the piano track. First, I need add a click track from Trinity's vocal from her first recording and then get the pianist to record a dummy piano version. After many days of refinement, I record the piano tracks. I set 3 microphones to record the piano from Cherie's Grand Piano. Next, I bring the piano tracks back to the studio to record Trinity's vocal. And then I did the mixing and master with the other producer, Shiery. On the video, honestly, this is not a very good video production. On the filming day, there are lots of limitation on the place, time and people. First, this is the only place i can find that is spacious and clean with high ceiling. However, due to some reason, I can only have a very limit of hours for the filiming. Second, due to the location limitation, I can not bring my full team with all our equipment for filming. Third, Trinity was not in a very good condition for filming on that day, the pianist didn't practice well enough. Fortunately, I can still have the video filmed. I started filming from 3pm-8pm. I don't expect it will take that long for filming. Therefore, some footages are without daylight. So it took me a long time on balancing the color of all footages. note: the classical instrumental version is available on iTunes store (except US) you can ...
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